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2014 Primary Elections NWPOA Candidate Ratings

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Chowing down at the 1st Annual NWPOA Dinner and Members Meeting
WOW Our 1st Annual NWPOA dinner and members meeting was hugely successful. Apx 300 members and invited guests were treated to a superb meal from Classic Foods Catering and Scheffelmaier Meats. All guests were updated on NWPOA victories over the last year and what we plan for the future.  A live auction ended the event.   Thanks to all of you who supported our 1st meeting and who bid generously to help fund NWPOA activities in the coming year.
Last website update - 5/1/14
NOTE- As you'll see we are not website designers, hopefully in the coming weeks, we will have some better talent to help us in website design.  Please visit our Facebook website for the latest pics and info.
Every where we go people are talking about property rights. We think this is due impart to the awareness we are raising via our community town hall presentations and certainly from our members spreading the word to everyone they meet.  We had a great amount of interest at our KC Fair booth, and signed up hundreds of new members.
Our rights and freedoms are lost only when we do nothing to stop those seeking to take them. Unfortunately property rights has suffered the last 20 years all across the Northwest.  NWPOA aims to stop that, but as our County Planning commission witnessed, you the property owners are awakening and in large numbers. Being ignored is no longer and option in Kootenai County.    
If you are not a member and are a rural property owner with a conservative outlook, you should consider joining to be kept up to date about issues affecting property owners. Membership is free, click our join-up tab to become a member. 

NWPOA represents a broad group of rural; residential, agricultural, timber, and commercial business property owners. We found that there are many governmental, environmental, and special interests forming and creating the regulations that end up getting forced upon us, but nowhere did we find collective representation for rural property owners. 
That is changing fast, and we hope to establish regional and county chapters over a 4 state area. If you live in Montana, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington state, join-up with us and then talk to others in your community to see about starting a chapter in your county.   
NWPOA's home-base is in Kootenal County and much of the initial activity is by default revolving around property related issues in our county. However, as we grow to a regional force, you can expect a much broader range of topics related to the entire northwest. It is time for every property owner to get involved, and you can do that by actually doing something with your fellow neighbors.
Our goal is to provide many resources regarding several key issues facing property owners, such as regulatory pressure on: Land uses, building permits and building codes, water & septic rights, privacy, property taxes, impact fees and more. Llocally we conduct town hall meetings and address topics important to the area property owners who request them.  There is no charge to conduct a town hall meeting in the Kootenai County area, email us at if you would like more information.

If you own land/property in the unincorporated areas of the North West, and have a conservative outlook with regards to government intrusion and regulations, then this is your website and this is your alliance.
Our organization is meant to support our interests as property owners.  In the last few years our overall property rights have come under an onslaught of ever increasing restrictions, environmentalism, regulations, codes and new taxes/fees, so much so, that many property owners feel we are struggling to keep our heads above water.  
The fact is, there are many special interest groups who view our private lands as defacto public property, but just titled (and paid for) in our names.  And there are so many new government employees now, they have nothing better to do than write new regulations and codes upon property owners. 
Its time to organize, to rise up and defend our rights and our lands. Please join-up today!
CURRENT ISSUE UPDATE - Kootenai County Comp Plan and ULUC Codes

In late October, the BOCC officially booted KendigKeast and the monster 500 page ULUC codes they created and tried to pawn off on the rural Citizens of Kootenai County. Apx $400,000 in taxpayer money down the tubes, but that loss was far better than adopting what was the most convoluted and complicated set of land use codes ever written. 


Kootenai County property owners were facing the implementation of an oppressive Comprehensive Plan and accompanying ULUC set of zoning, ordinances, and enforcement codes.  Grassroots activity, careful research was employed to defeat the oppressive codes.  


On Monday 6/23/13 you rowdy property owners let the Kootenai County Planning Commission, the BOCC, KendigKeast consultant, and everyone else involved with this process, that you care about your property rights. As reported in the Cda Press, the comments by all those involved only showed they have no clue what is going on. I can not think of a more detached group of people than those driving the implementation of this oppressive ULUC. We are indeed in a war, will the dogmatic and radical environmentalists who were appointed by the BOCC win, or will the rural property owners upon whom this oppressive ULUC will be enforced upon?  Stay tuned!


Predictably, the regional environmental "save the planet" organizations and Kootenai County leaders will soon be bashing and maligning our cause and our website because we are working to organize and inform land owners about what has been, and is going on with regards to our property interests and rights here in Kootenai County. 


So when they do begin to lash out at us, ask yourself;  why would they object to county land owners having a collective voice about a Comp Plan and ULUC codes that according to a statement by the counties hired consultant, "will only affect the property owners living in the unincorporated areas of the county."  ?


Shouldn't the rural property owners voices be the largest voice in all of the rural and use planning and codes?  


Shouldn't we be determining our own future for the next 20 years?


Stay tuned, get involved, and spread the word about our (your) website and lets grow our organization and make sure our voice is heard.