Water Rights Adjudication

                         RED ALERT!                                         Water Adjudication Objections to Federal Reserve Water Rights Claims


NWPOA is working with Water Rights Attorney, Norm Semanko, with the Boise Firm of Moffatt Thomas,   who has agreed to help us file group objections to All 447 Federal Claims.  Mr. Semanko has agreed to help us with this process Free of Charge (Pro Bono)


-- First you (an individual), your community well group, water district or town need to File a Water Rights Claim with the Idaho Dept of Water Resources.  If you are an individual or part of one of these groups please check with Idaho Dept of Water Rights to see if that there has been a Claim Filed for your water right.

It is imperative that you file claims ASAP.

Second you need to file Objections to the Federal Claims: It is extremely important that we get you help, numbers count! The more names we have to submit the Better.  If you would like to be a party in the group claim we need to have the information to Mr. Semanko by Sept 16th.

To Join in the Group Claim simply email or call NWPOA at:

info@nwpoa.org                                    208-956-0638- Message Phone

State that you would like to join the group claim & leave your name & affirm that you have filed a water right claim.

NWPOA will then forward all of the names to Mr. Semanko & his group in Boise. He will take care of the rest for us.

You can see that we are rapidly approaching the Sept Deadline –

NWPOA is a grass roots group of  Neighbors helping Neighbors

Please act now to help us help you!

Remember it was the number of people that showed up at the Kootenai County Planning Commission meeting in June of 2013 that led to the shut down of the proposed ULUC!