Welcome to NWPOA

  •     A Grass Roots Alliance
  •     Property Owners Helping Property Owners
  •     Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things


Who We Are:

  • Our membership is a broad base of property owners who have conservative views in the areas of property & privacy rights. Our membership consists of people from all walks of life and various political parties, including Democrats, Independents, Republicans & others.
  • We are proud of our accomplishments. We will continue to take up property & privacy concerns in defense of property owners. Our goal is to keep property owners appraised of local and regional issues affecting them.
  • We are an all-volunteer organization with no paid staff.  We depend on the participation of our membership and their financial contributions to help us solve the problems land owners face.
  • We concentrate on solving issues and informing the public when the need arises.

Famous Quotes

  • “Occupants of public office love power and are prone to abuse it!” — George Washington   — We witness this far too often in this country; our government was meant to serve the people.
  • “a society of sheep begets a government of wolves.” Paul Valery  — Across America today we are seeing the results of a society of sheep, our freedoms are being diminished by those in power.”  It doesn’t have to be that way Complacency Does Not Work!
  • “Life and Liberty are secure only so far as the right of property is secure.” –from the Book “The 5000 Year Leap” – Cleon Skousen 
  • “Our country would be better served if we listened more to people who don’t have titles in front of their names. Ordinary Americans of all ages and in all walks of life have good ideas. These days almost anyone anywhere has access to information, but the facts and rumors fly so fast it is like trying to read a book whose pages are being flipped by a four year old. We must all start digging for what is significant and refusing to settle for clichés. We must learn to identify the people who can offer genuine perspective. Social media can tell us what is and what ought to be, but those ordinary individuals can tell us what was———and that is the key to understanding.”  — from the Book “American Story”  — Bob Dotson