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ARPA and Property Rights

NWPOA has some concerns about how accepting ARPA money can affect property rights.

Here are some pages with concerning language. We urge you to ask Kootenai County Commissioners to say no to ARPA money.

Pg. 129, “Building stronger communities through investments in housing and neighborhoods.” Also, “…create neighborhoods and environments that promote health and safety.” This sounds like veiled Agenda 2030. What is the investment in housing? Workforce housing? HUD housing? Who determines what promotes health and safety?

The building block of building stronger communities is protecting property rights.

Pg 133, “…rehabilitation of blighted properties or demolition or abandoned or vacant properties, address the public health or economic impacts of the pandemic”. Some areas will have blighted properties due to the events of the last two years. What about areas who have properties that have been abandoned or vacant for years?

Pg. 134, “…costs associated with acquiring and securing legal title of vacant or abandoned properties.” Also, “…conversion of vacant or abandoned properties to affordable housing.” A land grab? Agenda 2030 anyone?

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