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Ask CDA School Board to lower taxes!

Time is running out for major property tax relief !

The North West Property Owners Alliance has been attending the Kootenai County Budget Hearings where it has been learned that President Trump has given the State of Idaho 1.2 Billion dollars of relief related to Covid-19 for it's citizens. Of that, the Governor has deemed 188 million go to state taxing districts for one time property tax relief. The catch is, each taxing district can apply for reimbursement of salaries and benefits of those employees who were affected by the Virus and that the district would not increase it's tax on property owners other than New Growth.

The NWPOA is hereby challenging taxing districts locally and statewide to do your duty to the taxpaying citizens who elected you by achieving the formula as instructed by the Governor for this benefit , it could reduce our tax bills up to 50% in some cases!

Attended the CDA School District Meeting tonight!

Monday June 22nd at 5 pm at the Midtown Center 1505 N 5th st., in Coeur d Alene for SD 271.

It is important to show up and ask these Boards to do their diligence in passing this one time needed relief on to its Citizens during this time of struggle for most of us !

Jeff Tyler

Chairman of NWPOA

Thank you to the CDA Press for printing this!

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25 de jun. de 2020

I am retired and purchased a new home in CDA county during September 2017. Since that date my property valuation has increased increased 67% and while that does include some legitimate improvements like an added shop, I feel the pace of increase is unreasonable especially for people who own their home to live in and not with the intent to flip it for a profit. How can we go about asking for some kind of legislation that freezes the property tax for a homeowner that uses the property as their full time residence and should they sell to the next owner that new owner then assumes the increased taxes based on the value at the time of purchase. This avoids…

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