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County Employee Wants Special Treatment

A county employee Nancy Pluff(?) is demanding that the county (which means the taxpayers) maintain/improve a piece of property that the county acquired through someone not paying taxes on it. Nancy says, "It is not fair to ask the nearby property owners to agree to a road maintenance agreement when the road hasn't been maintained." The issue seems to be that the property in question is not a road, a right of way, or an easement.

Multiple elected county officials expressed concern that precedent would be set by spending any money on the property, and that it would be "borderline inappropriate" to do so.

Nancy then goes on to say that she will encourage the tenants on the property she owns to sue the county for damages to their car due to issue with the property - if the county doesn't fix it.

**We love the slightly unprofessional comment by Pat. He said what everyone was thinking.

This is the link to the full video of the meeting:

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