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Q & A Part 1 from NWPOA's Urban Renewal District Town Hall

NWPOA hosted a town hall on March 5th regarding Urban Renewal Districts. Roger Garlock was our MC. (Good job, Roger!)

Pardon the first person, he decided to not ask a question and the audience was not happy with that. When we say questions only, we meant it.

Are you going to lower our taxes as Post falls urban renewal districts close? Joe Malloy responded to the question.

Do you see being a councilman and being on an Urban Renewal board as a conflict of interest? Are you for passing ordinances to require urban renewal district boards to be elected? Joe Malloy, Dan Gookin, and Matt Roetter answered.

Question was asked to clarify real property vs personal property. Also asked to define and clarify what RAA is. Joe Malloy and Dan Gookin responded.

Did you change your mind on urban renewal after becoming a councilman? Joe Malloy and Dan Gookin responded.

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