Our mission is to protect and preserve property rights against intrusive governmental regulations.

We want limited government regulations, preservation of property rights and privacy rights - and the least amount of taxation.

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Personal responsibility, Individual Freedom, Individual Liberty, and Free Market Enterprise are important to us.

NWPOA opposes big government and infringement on property rights.  We are for the loosening of restrictions on property owners.


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Political candidates and public officials all have their own agenda.  The main purpose of NWPOA is to protect property rights.

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NWPOA official Statement on the 2019 Comp Plan



We, the residents of Kootenai County were told time and time again, that the documents on the Keeping Kootenai webpage and the Kootenai County webpage would be the same.


NWPOA board members have found that the 2019 Kootenai County Comprehensive Plan on the Keeping Kootenai webpage is only the changes that will be made to the 2010 Comprehensive Plan update.  We were told time and time again that this was a shorter Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan that will be talked about tomorrow, Nov 13th, is 200+ page long.  While there are some pages that have been crossed out completely, it is still a heck of a lot long than the 20 page Comprehensive Plan discussed at Public forum earlier this year, and at the Planning and Zoning Hearing on the Comp Plan in September.


So we, the public, are expected to only have  3-5 minutes to comment on 200+ page document.  Or we can gather 10 friends to give their time to us so we can talk for 10 minutes.  Still not enough time to adequately cover the Comp Plan.


Further more, the longer update to the Comprehensive Plan is not available on the Kootenai County webpage.  How is that adequate public notice?  How do the Kootenai County Commissioners expect a person to read a 200+ page document in less than 48 hours?


The Keeping Kootenai Comp Plan update has more mentions of property rights, and protecting private property rights than the 2010 Comprehensive Plan Updates


NWPOA would like to express its dismay with Community Development Director Dave Callaghan.  He and/or the Planning and Zoning Commission repeatedly said that the 2010 Comprehensive lan was too long and that their intention was to shorten it.  That is why NWPOA thought the plan listed on the Keeping Kootenai webpage was the entire new Comprehensive Plan.  This feels like bait and switch at the last moment.

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