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Personal responsibility, Individual Freedom, Individual Liberty, and Free Market Enterprise are important to us.

NWPOA opposes big government and infringement on property rights.  We are for the loosening of restrictions on property owners.


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Political candidates and public officials all have their own agenda.  The main purpose of NWPOA is to protect property rights.

January 3rd, 2020

NWPOA is launching a petition drive to send a message to the BOCC that we property owners want them to drive a stake into the heart of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan so that it does not rear its ugly, oppressive, regulatory head again. YOU CAN PLAY AN IMPORTANT PART IN DEFEATING REGULATORY OVERREACH BY BOTH SIGNING THE PETITION YOURSELF AND GETTING YOUR FREEDOM-MINDED FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS LIVING UNDER COUNTY JURISDICTION TO SIGN IT ALSO. Click here to sign our petition!


Click here to print out a paper version of our petition.

In addition, if you wish to submit public comments on the Comp Plan Update [click here for a copy], please email them to or mail them to:

Board of Commissioners

PO Box 9000

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83816

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