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no merger of Avista and Hydro One
Idaho denied the merger! 


Per Norm Semanko - "...the Idaho Public Utilities Commission issued a final order today denying the proposed acquisition of Avista by Hydro one. In short, the IPUC found that the transaction is barred under Idaho Code Section 61-327, due to the control exercised by the Province of Ontario. Norm was the only one to make this argument to IPUC, and it was the winning argument.


The Idaho Public Utilities Commission also awarded almost $16,000 in intervener funding to the Avista Customer Group, the most awarded to any intervenor.


We will wait to see if Hydro One/Avista for reconsideration. The deadline for that is 1/24/19."

Your Support 


THANK YOU to everyone who has shared our posts, wrote letters/email, and supported NWPOA through all of this. We appreciate your support.


We appreciate the work of Norm Semanko and the Avista Customer Group at the hearings of the IPUC.

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