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National Heritage Areas - Just Say NO!

"National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are promoted simply as a means to honor historic or cultural events around the nation. Promoters promise that this will preserve our culture and honor our past as they preserve battlefields where our forefathers fought and died for freedom. And that they will preserve the birthplaces, home, buildings, and hallowed grounds for posterity. In addition, proponents of NHAs promise that it will help to build a flourishing tourist industry to help local economies. But none of that is true. When an NHA is put into place, major tax dollars are distributed through the National Park Service. These funds are supposed to be used for the establishment of the Heritage Area. But not all are used for that purpose. The Park Service gives much of that funding to private, non-governmental groups (NGOs) to use for their private agendas. Many of these groups are the same radical environmental groups that you and I fight every day. And there is no accounting on how these groups spend that NHA money! The NHA money goes into the NGO pockets, but it is not spent for historic preservation. These groups use the funds to promote and pressure local city councils to impose Sustainable Development policies, lock away use of land and water, create conservation easements, build wind and solar farms, and all of the usual government dictates taking over every community. There is a dangerous new Bill called the National Heritage Area Act (S.1942), just introduced to the Senate that will drastically change how a National Heritage Area is created. Up till now, it required action by a member of Congress to propose a new NHA. S.1942 will eliminate that, and instead, give the power to the Secretary of the Interior to simply designate new NHAs. If this is allowed to happen, then the entire process would basically take place in the back rooms of government. The National Heritage Area Act (S.1942) must be stopped! Will you help me? If you can, there are two actions to take. First, we need to flood Capital Hill with phone calls to demand S.1942 be stopped. The bad thing is that Republicans tend to support NHA bills because they foolishly believe that they are about honoring our heritage. They need to hear from you. Please call the Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 and ask for your state’s 2 U.S. Senators. Tell them you oppose S. 1942, the National Heritage Area Act. " #NWPOA #NOnationalheritageareaact

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